Welcome to Dawsylicious, thank you for visiting us. COME ERE YEWWW.... The reason behind the brand, as you all know I love to all make you chuckle with my weird and wonderful sayings. And I thought why not put them on T-shirts & Jumpers so all my fabulous followers can wear them?? So here we are!! And there is so much more to come, this is just the start. As you all know Matthew and I are starting a family, and this is going to be our little family beltin business which I hope you all love and support.

This Brand

This brand is all about not being afraid to stand out from the chuffin crowd, not afraid of being YOU, feeling YOU, being unapolgetically you for you. Wear our Dawsylicious clobber with Sass, style & pride!! A percentage of profits will go to Mind Charity as mental health is important to us, after my brother in law tragically taking his own life in June this year. Thank you for all your support - it means the world!!

Thank you

Thank you for all your support - it means the world!! Enjoy my darlings, Love yas. Charlotte, Matthew & Noah xxx